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Vignobles Logeril l’orangerie



The home of Vignobles de Lorgeri is the magnificent Château de Pennautier, where vines have been grown for hundreds of years. The house began selling its wines when the Languedoc region emerged the 1980s. In 1987, when Nicolas de Lorgeril took the house over from his parents, and the winery began to grow.

In 1992, Nicolas’s wife Miren de Saint Chamas took over as director of Vignobles de Lorgeril and threw herself into the job. She has remained there ever since, working alongside her husband and driven by the intuition that it is here, in the foothills of the mountains, that the great wines of southern France will best flourish.


Lorgeril grows its grapes and makes wine across five different estates in the most southerly wine regions of France.