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COUNTRY: Argentina


Tilimuqui (tili-moo-key) is produced by La Riojana, a wine co-operative situated in a remote part of northwest Argentina. It is also the name of a small, isolated village where many of the families and workers from La Riojana live and where conditions are tough, money is scarce and needs are basic. This community benfits from Fairtrade projects, which are helping to improve living conditions, changing their lives for the better.

Established over 70 years ago (1940), La Riojana has become the world’s largest producer of certified Fairtrade, organic wines and was the first winery in Argentina to receive Fairtrade certification (2006). The co-operative currently has 500 members, the majority of whom are small-scale producers with less than three hectares of land given to grape production.


This is an attractive, medium-bodied Rosé made from 100% Malbec grapes and has an attractive intense floral aroma, where ripe red fruits really shine through. On the palate this wine is well balanced, fresh and fruity. Ideal as an aperitif, to share with friends, special get-togethers, summer picnics, parties or simply to enjoy in the evening, after a busy day at work or at home. Serve chilled.