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Maison M. Chapoutier



Humilty & Determination are the words whihc best describe Maison M. Chapoutier. It’s an Estate that has nurtured its vineyards with the greatest respect for natural balance and terroir since 1808.

The family motto “Fac et Spera” – do and hope – says it all. Two words that sum up all the patience and daring that this art demands: patience in relation to nature which presides; daring for the winemaker, who observes, chooses and assists.

The wine will be the faithful expression of this alchemy.


Allowing the terroir to have its say, means letting the soil and especially the vintage express themselves. This integrity must not be corrected.” This sums up the goal pursued by Maison M. Chapoutier. As each vintage reflects the climate over the whole year, Maison M. Chapoutier has deliberately chosen to avoid establishing a house taste, a set style.
Its overall approach is subordinated to terroir, and the organoleptic differences between each vintage. On the other hand, there is a constant desire to highlight differences, bringing out specific nuances in the flavour particular to a terroir or a wine.
In keeping with the AoC ethos. The aim is to achieve the greatest refinement, a crescendo effect, from fragrance, through flavour, to lingering aftertaste, exemplified by subtle wines particularly well matched to good food, some simple, others more refined.