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Luigi Bosca

COUNTRY: Argentina


The Arizu family has a strong European legacy that dates back to the XVIII century, to the small village of Unzue in the Basque country.

In 1890, Leoncio Arizu arrived in Argentina searching for new opportunities, and in 1901 he founded the Winery in the province of Mendoza. Then he and the Boscas, another old and prosperous family that had emigrated from the Piamonte region in Italy, decided to join efforts and founded what is today Bodega Luigi Bosca – Arizu Family.

After 114 years, Leoncio Arizu’s legacy is still in the hands of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren who honor the tradition of producing great wines.


Luigi Bosca has adopted some of the most beneficial standards inherent to the biodynamic planting system, based on a work philosophy that seeks to boost the plant to make it fit for self-defense.

The promotion of biodiversity is one of the biodynamic keys applied by Bodega Luigi Bosca: the vineyard has never been in isolation. We should make it feel part of a comprehensive system, and make it live with, and be enhanced by other species. The firm owns seven vineyard estates located in privileged areas of Mendoza: Lujan de Cuyo, Maipú and Valle de Uco.