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Louis Max



Louis Max, of Russian origin, founded his wine house in Nuits-Saint-Georges in 1859. During the first half of the 20th century, the house of Louis Max enjoyed widespread acclaim and recognition for outstanding quality in the range of wines produced.

The house has always retained a family structure and today, Laurent Max, great-grandson of founder Louis Max, together with a motivated team, has doted itself with all the means of success. The house owns or operates over eighty-seven hectare, or two hundred and fifty acres of Burgundy vineyard.

The eccentric Laurent Max has invested heavily in the vinification facilities in Nuits-Saint-Georges, and, more importantly has installed the young and passionate Brigitte Putzu as head winemaker at Louis Max. Brigitte has spent over sixteen years at Louis Max, formerly as assistant winemaker, and has a long relationship with the 87 hectares of vineyards and clos that Louis Max controls. Brigitte’s wines illustrate her meticulousness in their ripeness, purity and balance.

Since the 1996 harvest, Brigitte has had complete control of vineyard management and vinification for Louis Max. No single vineyard is harvested without Brigitte’s nod – only when ripeness is perfect both technically and physiologically.


The office/winery building is a beauty to behold – end of the 19th century Art Nouveau design and seemingly everything remains in original condition – from the wood paneling of the offices and the Premeaux marble main staircase to the compact but magnificent tasting room.