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Chayee Bourras

COUNTRY: Argentina


: It is located in Cuadro Benegas District, San Rafael, in the West limit of the South Oasis at 800 meters height; where the climate exposes the vineyards to extreme conditions making of this a privileged location. One of the most benefited varietals is the Bonarda, which due to its characteristics, shows its potential highlighting its special features.

Opened in 2010, the winery aimed for micro-vinification of limited consignment of high-end wine. This fact makes this winery unique, as it is the only one exclusively devoted to the production of Bonarda in its two types of vinification: “Clasico” and “Reserva”.


Cuadro Benegas is located on a mountanious elevation in the heart of Mendoza. Our vineyards are planted in sandy-loam soil, in the foothills of Sierra Pintada, 800 meters above the sea level, almost in the west border of San Rafael Oasis. In Cuadro Benegas there are just two farms with longevous Bonarda vineyards; one of them is Cuadro Benegas.